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2017 (YEAR)
850 (TTAF)

Gulfstream G450
2016 (YEAR)
800 (TTAF)

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2016 (YEAR)
850 (TTAF)

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2015 (YEAR)
950 (TTAF)

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2014 (YEAR)
670 (TTAF)

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2013 (YEAR)
990 (TTAF)

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Information about Gulfstream G350

The Gulfstream G350 has the same cabin as the Gulfstream G450. Both aircraft are modern upgrades Gulfstream IV-SP. The Gulfstream G350 is less expensive because it is designed for flying with a lower maximum take-off weight and a smaller fuel reserve. Accordingly, he is inferior in range to his “elder brother” about 1000 kilometers. And yet the flight range remains significant – up to 7000 km, thanks to improved aerodynamics and materials. The aircraft is equipped with Rolls-Royce Tay Mk 611-8C retrofit economical engines with a digital engine control system (FADEC), which increases reliability and efficiency. With these engines, the Gulfstream 350 reaches 12,500 meters in just 20 minutes. Enlarged fan and enhanced turbine also improve fuel efficiency. In addition, the G350 is equipped with a quiet auxiliary installation capable of operating at high altitudes.

The display of the flight information display is located at the top of the cockpit glass. Having powerful engines, the aircraft is able to land on a relatively short lane, and during takeoff, 1539 meters is enough for it. Gulfstream G350 is equipped with a quiet auxiliary power unit, capable of operating at high altitudes.

The cabin is spacious and long. The height allows even a tall passenger to stand tall. The aircraft is certified to carry 19 people, but the standard passenger capacity is 12-16 people. The cabin has a spacious kitchen area located in the nose or tail of the aircraft, and, unlike the Gulfstream G450, there is only one bathroom located at the tail end of the cabin. Next is the luggage compartment available during the flight. The salon is divided into three temperature zones of comfort, the microclimate in which is regulated separately. Each pair of seats, located opposite, is transformed into a bed. In-flight passengers are available: satellite phone, DVD-player, CD-player, high-speed Internet access, LCD-monitors and Airshow system.

The implementation of the shortened take-off and landing requirements in the G350 allows the use of aircraft from most airports around the world.

Gulfstream G450 was first introduced in February 2004 at an air show in Singapore.

Gulfstream G350 modifications:

  • Gulfstream G350
Cockpit crew Two
Seating capacity 19 maximum, 12-16 typical
Length 89ft 4in / 27.23m
Wingspan 77ft 10 / 23.72m
Wing area 950.39sqft / 88.3m²
Overall height 25ft 2in / 7.67m
MTOW 70,900 lb (32,160 kg)
Empty weight 42,700 lb (19,368 kg)
Cruising speed Mach 0.80–Mach 0.85 (459–488 kn; 850–903 km/h)
Maximum speed Mach 0.88 (505 kn; 935 km/h)
Range 3,800 nmi (7,038 km)
Service ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Engines (×2) Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8C
Thrust 13,850lbf / 61.6kN

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