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Information about Embraer ERJ145

ERJ-145 is a mid-range passenger aircraft for local airlines, developed by Embraer, a Brazilian company. The sensation was that the ERJ-145 (formerly EMB-145) unexpectedly showed excellent flight data on the local airline market. Today, the newcomer has joined the competition with other 50-seat aircraft, but after announcing its relatively low sale price, he immediately attracted the attention of regional airlines. The development of this Brazilian machine began in the late 1980s, at the same time as the similar Rinal Jet aircraft manufactured by Bombardier and Saab 2000. But there was a problem: while the Imbrayer engineers puzzled over where to place the Ellison engines, above or below the wing, two other competing companies took the lead. And even after finally settling on the option of locating engines in the rear fuselage, financial difficulties and the privatization that began at the end of 1994 delayed the current work on the ERJ-145 for several years.

The fuselage is a cylindrical form D = 2.1 m with a very pointed nose, in which the radar and instrument compartment are located. The cockpit is spacious with a large glass area, which provides pilots with an excellent aerial view. In the fuselage vestibule there is a folding ladder for passenger boarding, a kitchen unit with a refrigeration unit, a luggage compartment with wardrobes. Further extends the passenger compartment with 36 windows for 50 seats. In the lower, underground part of the fuselage, built-in fuel tanks, designed for 4250 kg of fuel. In the middle of the passenger compartment in the center section there are two emergency exits. Wing – two-spar with a profile “Clark” with a sweep angle of 30╟, a total area of ​​51.2 m2 and an elongation of 7.8. On the center section of the caisson structure are two brake flaps. Tail plumage – “T” – figurative. The braking of the aircraft after landing also provides a system of reversing devices located on the two jet engines of the TRDD AE 300 7A with a load of 3.4 tf each. Steering system – rigid, hinged-lever. A characteristic feature of the aircraft: the keel and stabilizer, and accordingly, their handlebars are not large in size.

The aircraft is provided with modern anti-icing device and fire-fighting equipment. Three-rack chassis with a nose wheel, two wheels on each rack. Nasal support retracts forward along the main – in the center section. ЕRJ-145 is manufactured using modern technology: 55% of its construction consists of duralumin alloys, 5% of steel parts, 35% of composite materials.

Embraer ERJ145 modifications:

  • ERJ145STD
  • ERJ145EU
  • ERJ145ER
  • ERJ145EP
  • ERJ145LR
  • ERJ145LU
  • ERJ145MK
  • ERJ145XR
Variant ERJ145 LR/ XR
Crew 3 (2 pilots + flight attendant)
Seating 50
Length 29.87 m (98 ft 0 in)
Wing span 20.04 m (65 ft 9 in)
Height 6.76 m (22 ft 2 in)
MTOW LR: 22,000 kg (48,501 lb)
  XR: 24,100 kg (53,131 lb)
BOW LR: 12,114 kg / 26,706 lb
  XR: 12,591 kg / 27,758 lb
Max payload LR: 5,786 kg (12,755 lb)
  XR: 5,909 kg (13,027 lb)
Fuel capacity ER: 5,146l / 1,359gal, LR: 6,396l / 1,690gal, XR: 7,438l / 1,965gal
Engines (2x) LR: AE 3007-A1 / XR: -A1E
Takeoff Thrust A3: 33.71 kN / 7580 lbf; A1, A1/3 : 33.71 kN / 7580 lbf; A1E: 39.67 kN / 8917 lbf
Maximum cruise Mach 0.78 (450 kn; 833 km/h) / 145XR: Mach 0.8 (461 kn; 854 km/h)
Service ceiling 37,000 ft / 11,278m
Range LR: 1,550 nmi (2,870 km)
  XR: 2,000 nmi (3,700 km)


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