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Information about Embraer E170

ERJ-170 is a mid-range passenger aircraft for local airlines, developed by Embraer, a Brazilian company. Embraer E-Jet is a family of medium-range twin-engine narrow-body airliners. Includes 4 modifications: E-170, E-175, E-190 and E-195. The E-Jet family includes the regional Embraer 170, 175. aircraft 190 designed for transportation from 70 to 110 passengers. Improved design, improved technical characteristics, operational efficiency, low emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere and a spacious cabin are the main distinguishing features of the aircraft. The commonality of the designs of the “E-Jet” family makes it possible to significantly reduce the cost of spare parts, the cost of equipping with simulators and personnel training, as well as the cost of maintenance and current repairs. The 170th model is adapted for 70 – 80 passengers, the family also includes Embraer 175 (78 – 84 passengers), Embraer 190 (98 passengers) and Embraer 195 (108 passengers).

The aircraft is a new development of the Embraer company in the class with increased air passage compared to the ERJ-135/140/145. The following companies took part in the development of the aircraft: General Electric (CF34-8E / 10E turbofan engines), Hamilton Sundstrand (tail section development), Honeywell (Primus Epic avionics), Kawasaki, Latecoere, Liebherr, Gamesa, Sonaca (various parts of the fuselage), Parker Hannifin (hydrodynamics and fuel system). Work on the aircraft began in 1998. In 1999, Embraer launched a new program for the construction of civil aircraft of the E-170/190 family, designed for 70- 118 passengers. The aircraft was first introduced on February 11, 1999 and shown in June 1999 at the Paris Air Show. The first flight took place on February 9, 2002. Mass production began in late 2002. The release in 2003 of the 70-seater model ERJ-170 marked the birth of the next generation of commercial aircraft – more capacious and meeting the requirements of airlines of national importance. The cost of the aircraft is estimated at 21 million dollars. On March 17, 2004 in Warsaw, the first commercial flight was E 170 and in 2004, 46 aircraft were delivered to various airlines.

Embraer E170 modifications:

Flight crew 2 pilots
Cabin E170
Single class seats 72@32″ – 78@30-33″
Dual class seats 66 (6F@40″, 60Y@32″)
Height × width 2.00m × 2.74m / 6ft 7in × 9ft 0in
Dimensions E170
Length 29.90m / 98ft 1in
Wingspan 26.00m / 85ft 4in
Wing area 72.72m² / 783ft²
Aspect ratio 43533
Height 9.85m / 32ft 4in
Maximum takeoff (AR) 38,600kg / 85,098lb
Basic Operating 21,141kg / 46,608lb
Max payload 9,759kg / 21,515lb
Max fuel 9,335kg / 20,580lb
Powerplant E170 / E175
Turbofans 2× GE CF34-8E
Thrust 2× 14,200 lbf (63 kN)
Performance E170
Max. speed / ceiling Mach .82 (470 kn; 871 km/h; 541 mph) @ 41,000 ft (12,000 m)
Cruise Mach .75 (430 kn; 797 km/h; 495 mph)
Range 2,150nmi / 3,982km
Takeoff (MTOW, ISA, SL) 1,644m / 5,394ft
Landing (MLW, ISA, SL) 1,241m / 4,072ft


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