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Eclipse 500
2012 (YEAR)
800 (TTAF)

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Information about Eclipse 500

The small six-seat business jet Eclipse 500 (EA-500) is a development of the experimental Williams V-Jet II, designed and built in 1997 by Scaled Composites on the orders of Williams International for testing the FJX-2 turbofan engine. The plane with the new engine performed the first flight in 1997 at the Airshow of the Experimental Aviation Association in Oshkosh. The plane with a forward swept wing and a V-shaped tail was completely made of composites. The new machine caused such great interest that in 1998 the company “Eclipse Aviation” was formed to implement a promising program.

As a result, the fuselage was redesigned, it became all-metal; were established straight wing and T-shaped tail. In the process of manufacturing the fuselage introduced the latest technology, maximally automated it. The Eclipse 500 was developed for two Williams International EJ-22 engines (serial version of the TRD FJ22 / FJX-2), but its flight data (first flight – August 26, 2002) in this form turned out to be unsatisfactory, which led to the installation of two PW610F engines on the aircraft . The first flight of the prototype with engines Pratt & Whitney performed December 31, 2004.

The type certificate for the Eclipse 500 aircraft was obtained on July 27, 2006, shortly after the certification of the PW610F engine. The aircraft did not pass full certification, as tanks made of composites on the wing tips did not guarantee safety in the event of lightning getting into the aircraft. Eclipse manufactured new aluminum tanks and began preparations for the serial production of the aircraft.

But the frontal resistance of the fuselage turned out to be more calculated, so the company “Eclipse” planned to upgrade the structure to increase the speed and range of the flight. All airplanes, including previously built ones, are subject to revision. Eclipse announced plans to receive orders for more than 2,500 aircraft and hoped to deliver ten vehicles by the end of 2006, and from 2008 produce four aircraft each day. In reality, by the end of 2006, only one Eclipse 500 was able to be supplied, and in mid-2008, production was discontinued for financial reasons. In November 2008, Eclipse was declared bankrupt, and in February 2009 it was liquidated. In September 2009, the owners of “Eclipse” formed the company EAI, which took up the technical support of previously delivered aircraft Eclipse 500, does not exclude the resumption of mass production.

Eclipse 500 modifications:

General characteristics

Crew: one or two pilots
Capacity: 4 to 5 passengers
Length: 33 ft 1 in (10.1 m)
Wingspan: 37 ft 3 in (11.4 m)
Height: 11 ft 0 in (3.4 m)
Empty weight: 3,550 lb (1,610 kg)
Useful load: 2,400 lb (1,089 kg)
Loaded weight: 5,520 lb (2,504 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 6,000 lb (2,721 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F turbofan engines, 900 lbf (4 kN flat-rated to > ISA+10C) each


Never exceed speed: 285 KEAS
Maximum speed: 370 knots (425 mph, 685 km/h)
Stall speed: 69 knots (79 mph, 128 km/h) in landing configuration
Range: 1,125 nmi (IFR with 45 min NBAA reserve) (1,295 mi, 2,084 km)
Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,500 m)
Rate of climb: 3,424 ft / min (1,044 m / min)
Takeoff distance: 2,345 ft (715 m)
Landing distance: 2,250 ft (686 m)
Avio Next Generation (aka Avio NG)
Displays: Two 768 x 1024 resolution PFDs and one 1440 x 900 resolution MFD

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