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Cessna Citation CJ3
2013 (YEAR)
960 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation X +
2015 (YEAR)
670 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation XLS+
2017 (YEAR)
385 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation Mustang
2016 (YEAR)
455 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation M2
2018 (YEAR)
80 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation CJ4
2015 (YEAR)
370 (TTAF)

Cessna Citation Sovereign+
2014 (YEAR)
640 (TTAF)

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Information about Cessna Citation CJ3

Cessna 525B Citation CJ3 has been manufactured since December 2004 by Cessna Aircraft on a common production line, together with CJ1 +, CJ2 +, in Wichita, Kansas. The CJ3 (first flight on April 17, 2003) is a continuation of the Citation line – this is actually an extended version of the Citation CJ2 + with more powerful Williams engines, increased wing span and advanced Collins avionics.

To increase the interior comfort, the cabin has become almost 60 cm longer than that of the CJ2 +, while maintaining the estimated number of passenger seats. Due to the elongated cabin for passengers, more free space appeared, which made it possible to place a small kitchen area in the bow, a small toilet room combined with a wardrobe in the back of the cabin. The luggage compartment existing on the aircraft, providing a total volume of 1.8 cubic meters. located in the tail of the aircraft and is not available from the cabin.

Modern flight-navigation equipment Collins Pro Line 21 provides maximum situational awareness of the crew,

The modern flight control equipment Collins Pro Line 21 installed on the aircraft controls all flight information, movement, weather, and the digital engine performance monitoring system (FADEC) makes it even easier to control the aircraft. The data is combined on large, easy-to-view liquid crystal displays with an active matrix for information management.

The CJ3 features two Williams FJ44-3A turbofan engines, which are controlled by an automatic FADEC system with two independent fuel systems. FADEC simplifies engine control and timing, ensuring proper power output, maximizes fuel efficiency, which significantly reduces pilot workload.

The price of the aircraft, as standard, is 7,487,000 US dollars (in 2008).

Cessna Citation CJ3 modifications:

  • Cessna Citation CJ3
  • Cessna Citation CJ3+
Model CJ3+
Crew 1 or 2
Max. passengers 9
Length 51 ft 2 in (15.59 m)
Height 15 ft 2 in (4.62 m)
Wingspan 53 ft 4 in (16.26 m)
Wing Area 294 ft² (27.32 m²)
Wing Sweep 0 degrees
Cabin section 57 in (1.45 m) height, 58 in (1.47 m) width
Cabin length 15 ft 8 in (4.78 m)
MTOW 13,870 lb (6,291 kg)
Fuel capacity 4,710 lb (2,136 kg)
Fuel volume 703 gal (2,661 l)
Basic OEW 8,540 lb (3,874 kg)
Max. payload 1,970 lb (894 kg)
Turbofan × 2 FJ44-3A
Thrust (each) 2,820 lb (12.54 kN)
Max. Cruise 416 ktas (770 km/h)
Max. Range 2,040 nmi (3,778 km)
Takeoff 3,180 ft (969 m)
Landing 2,770 ft (844 m)
Ceiling 45,000 ft (13,716 m)
Max. Climb Rate 4,478 fpm (22.75 m/s)


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