Brokerage services

Our company is a professional aviation broker and specializes in building processes for the purchase and sale of jet aircraft. You can also receive aviation management and transaction management with the participation of leading global companies.

Listings for sellers.

For owners of jet aircraft, we have a special offer. They can get help selling an aircraft. Advertising and marketing of aviation is carried out through Internet distribution, search advertising and presentations at aviation exhibitions. The purpose of these events is to obtain a potential buyer who will be ready for negotiations. At the same time, we monitor the entire transaction process and help to complete it and complete the transaction between the buyer and the seller.

We work on several continents and therefore are ready to respond to your applications for sale within 24 hours. In addition, we have a list of customers who may already be interested in the same aircraft that you are ready to offer on the market.

Acquisition for buyers.

If you are planning to buy a plane and were puzzled by its search, then you need to find it at one of the best prices and with no damage history.

Each aircraft buyer has a specific mission to acquire it. The purpose for which it will be used. These goals can be – working visits to other cities and countries, flights to resort places and increasing their prestige. That is why our experts are focused primarily on your wishes. If you need a new aircraft, then we will find a new one or one that was practically not in use. If you need a plane with a high level of comfort and design, then additional specialists will join the purchase process. Also in the case of buying a plane for business flights, you will receive a calculation of the cost of the aircraft and its scheme of its optimal use.

After that, in the case of purchase of the aircraft, you will receive:

  • Evaluation of the aircraft that you offer for purchase.
  • Preparation of aircraft technical support and maintenance.
  • Conducting transactions according to banking standards.
  • Confidentiality of the transaction.

At your request, we can provide assistance and advice at all stages of the transaction.

To do this, you need to contact our specialists and provide them with the documents that are needed to start negotiations:

  • Letter of intent to buy or sell. In response, our specialists will prepare a preliminary agreement for the transaction.
  • We will assist you in the preparation of international registration documents.
  • You can also make a guarantee transfer of funds using banking tools.
  • Additional marketing research after when you decide to sell a purchased aircraft or buy a new one.

mail @ jetz . icu

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