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Bombardier Learjet 31A
2001 (YEAR)
3700 (TTAF)

Bombardier Global 6000
2015 (YEAR)
1810 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2011 (YEAR)
3790 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2010 (YEAR)
1460 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 45XR
2010 (YEAR)
2820 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2008 (YEAR)
766 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 40XR
2006 (YEAR)
1920 (TTAF)

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Information about Bombardier Learjet 31

The Canadian group “Bombardier” with the purchase of the “Learjet” in 1990 retained the famous brand. “Learjet Inc.” became part of “Bombardier Aerospace (North America)” and continued to develop the first in the new generation of the Learjet 31. The eight-seat fuselage of the Learjet 35, plus the Learjet 55 wing – this is how the long-range aircraft appeared while maintaining the power unit from the Garret turbofan engine (now Allied Signal “) TFE731-2-2B and with a new tail assembly, supplemented below the keel with deltoid surfaces (first used on the Learjet 55C). The additional surfaces compensate the moment for tailing in and prevent the aircraft from stalling, as well as increase the controllability in flight at high speeds and altitudes.

The prototype, modified from the Learjet 35A, performed the first flight on May 11, 1987. The Learjet 31 (benchmark for the series) was used for certification tests (FAA certificate obtained in August 1988). A total of 38 Learjet 31s were released, before the improved Learjet 31A and Learjet 31A / ER went into the series in 1991. Shortly before the cessation of production, Singapore Airlines built two special planes for training long-haul liners, the airline also ordered two Learjet 31 A.

On the Learjet 31A, the concept of a “glass cabin” based on the five-screen Bendix / King Electronic Flight Instrumentation System (EFIS) system was implemented. The new version differs from the previous higher maximum speed – M = 0.81 (more than 4%). On the Learjet 31A / ER (extended range), the possibility of installing an additional tank with a capacity of 2627 liters is provided, the maximum flight range with a crew and four passengers reached 2,752 km (the Learjet 31A has 2344 km). Both variants are equipped with a pair of turbofan engines TFE731-2-3B with a load of 15.56 kN.

By the beginning of 1998, over 100 Learjet 31A / ER were delivered to customers all over the world, among them are American customers.

Bombardier Learjet 31 modifications:

  • Learjet 31
  • Learjet 31A
  • Learjet 31A/ER

General characteristics

Crew: 2
Capacity: 8 passengers
Length: 48 ft 8 in (14.83 m)
Wingspan: 43 ft 10 in (13.36 m)
Height: 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m)
Wing area: 264.5 sq ft (24.57 m2)
Empty weight: 9,857 lb (4,471 kg)
Gross weight: 15,500 lb (7,031 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Garrett TFE731-2 turbofan, 3,500 lbf (15.6 kN) thrust each


Maximum speed: Mach 0.81
Cruise speed: 515 mph (829 km/h; 448 kn)
Stall speed: 97 mph (156 km/h; 84 kn)
Range: 1,877 mi (1,631 nmi; 3,021 km) (Standard fuel, four passengers,)
Service ceiling: 51,000 ft (16,000 m)
Rate of climb: 5,480 ft/min (27.8 m/s)

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