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Bombardier Learjet 25D
1984 (YEAR)
3290 (TTAF)

Bombardier Global 6000
2015 (YEAR)
1810 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2011 (YEAR)
3790 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2010 (YEAR)
1460 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 45XR
2010 (YEAR)
2820 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 60XR
2008 (YEAR)
766 (TTAF)

Bombardier Learjet 40XR
2006 (YEAR)
1920 (TTAF)

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Information about Bombardier Learjet 25

The Learjet 25 is an administrative aircraft developed by the American company Learjet (part of the Bombardier Aerospace corporation). The Learjet 25, the prototype of which made its first flight on August 12, 1966, was mainly a Learjet 24 model, but with a fuselage extended by 1.27 meters to accommodate two crew members and eight passengers. At the end of 1970. improved Learjet 25B and Learjet 25C models were created, the latter of which had additional fuel.

In 1976 The installation of a new wing with a curved profile and improvements in aerodynamics, carried out simultaneously on the Learjet 24 models, resulted in modifications to the basic design of the Learjet 25 under the designations Learjet 25D and Learjet 25F. Later, General Electric CJ610-8A turbojet engines were installed on all four Learjet models, which were allowed to be used up to a height of 15545 m.

The passenger compartment of the Learjet 25 could be converted into several different configurations for the transport of passengers, cargo and ambulance crews. It is because of the ease of changing the configuration of the cabin the Learjet 25 is mainly used as an air ambulance plane. To do this, the seats of the right row were cleaned in the cabin, stretchers were installed in the space, oxygen cylinders and equipment for intravenous droppers were installed.

Despite the high subsonic flight speed, thanks to the good wing profile and other aerodynamic characteristics, the Learjet 25 could land on short runways and even on a gravel surface.

In 1974, two Learjet 25Bs were acquired by the Peruvian Air Force and equipped with aerial photo cameras located in the lower part of the aircraft fuselage.

In January 1979. The company obtained a certificate for the Learjet 28 and Learjet 29 Longhorn aircraft. These two models, mostly similar to the 10-seat Learjet 25D, received a new wing of increased scope. It had a curved front edge profile and supercritical end flaps to ensure the best flight performance and economy when flying at cruising speed. The emerged end flaps supplanted the fuel tanks at the ends of the wing that were used on early models, as a result of which all the fuel had to be placed inside the fuselage. Thus, the Learjet 28 aircraft had seats for 10 passengers, and the long-range Learjet 29 model “exchanged” two passengers for an additional 379 liters of fuel. Due to the high cost of production, further improvements to the Learjet 28 models (five cars built) and 29 (two cars) were discontinued in August 1982. At about the same time, the number of sales of the Lerajet 25 aircraft reached 368.

Bombardier Learjet 25 modifications:

  • Learjet 25
  • Learjet 25B
  • Learjet 25C
  • Learjet 25D
  • Learjet 25G

General characteristics

  • Crew: Two pilots
  • Capacity: 8 passengers
  • Length: 47 ft 7 in (14.50 m)
  • Wingspan: 35 ft 7 in (10.84 m)
  • Height: 12 ft 3 in (3.73 m)
  • Wing area: 231.77 sq ft (21.53 m2)
  • Airfoil: NACA 64A109
  • Empty weight: 7,640 lb (3,645 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 15,000 lb (6,804 kg)
  • Powerplant: 2 × General Electric CJ610-6 turbojets, 2,950 lbf (13.1 kN) each


  • Cruise speed: 534 mph (464 knots, 859 km/h, Mach 0.81) at 41,000 ft (12,500 m)
  • Stall speed: 105 mph (91 knots, 169 km/h)
  • Range: 1,767 mi (1,535 nmi, 2,853 km) with four passengers, maximum fuel, and 45 minute reserve
  • Service ceiling: 45,000 ft (13,715 m)
  • Rate of climb: 6,050 ft/min (30.7 m/s)

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