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Hawker Beechcraft 800XP
2005 (YEAR)
2680 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft 900XP
2012 (YEAR)
705 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft Premier 1A
2011 (YEAR)
1415 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft 900XP
2011 (YEAR)
2480 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft 4000
2009 (YEAR)
2210 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft 750
2008 (YEAR)
3650 (TTAF)

Hawker Beechcraft 4000
2008 (YEAR)
950 (TTAF)

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Information about Beechcraft Hawker 800

Hawker 800

This is an average two-engine corporate business jet. The earlier name of the British Aerospace BAe 125.

At the moment the aircraft manufacturer is the company Hawker Beechcraft.

Modernization of the aircraft BAe 125-700 was made in 1983. The new aircraft was named BAe 125-800. His first test flight took place in 1983. The main differences of BAe 125-800 models from BAe 125-700 were: glazing the pilot cabin and replacing the engine with a more modern Garrett TFE731-5R-1H. The wing of the aircraft received new target sections. This led to decreased air resistance and increased aerodynamic efficiency. Experts claim that the wing of the aircraft Hawker 800 reduces speed, but improves the ease of piloting. This feature of the aircraft design allows it to land on airfields with a short landing strip in difficult weather conditions.

In the mid-1980s the company Beechcraft acquired the production of these airplanes. In 1994 there was a merger with the company Raytheon Corporate Jets and the direction of Raytheon Aircraft was created. From that moment the aircraft began to wear the name Raytheon Hawker 800A. A few years later, in 2007, the Raytheon Aircraft company sold its production to Hawker Beechcraft Corp. After a while the aircraft Hawker 800A was modified. He received curved windshield and wings with increased scale. The new modification of the aircraft was called Hacker Hawker 800XP. This modification was made before 1995.

The airplane has a small passenger cabin cab, but the comfort of the passenger during the flight is at a high level. Its salon is equipped with soft armchairs and a sofa. Also the buyer of these airplanes can count on the equipment of the salon with computer equipment and additional tables. The airplane has a wardrobe and various ergonomic devices.

Beechcraft Hawker 800 modifications:

  • Hawker 800XP
  • Hawker 800XP Pro Line
  • Hawker 800XPi

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2 pilots
  • Capacity: 8 passengers typical, 13 maximum
  • Length: 51 ft 2 in (15.6 m)
  • Wingspan: 54 ft 4 in (16.5 m)
  • Height: 18 ft 1 in (5.5 m)
  • Empty weight: 15,670 lb (7,108 kg)
  • Max. takeoff weight: 28,000 lb (12,701 kg)
  • Powerplant: 2 × Honeywell TFE731-5BR turbofan, 4660 lbf (20,700 N) each


  • Never exceed speed: Mach 0.81
  • Maximum speed: 448 kn (514 mph) 830 km/h
  • Cruise speed: 402 kn (463 mph) 745 km/h
  • Stall speed: 92 kn (106 mph)
  • Range: 2,800 nmi (4,893 km) 3,040 mi
  • Service ceiling: 41,000 ft (12,497 m)
  • Rate of climb: 9.9 m/s (1948.8 ft/min)

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