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Available Airbus A320 VIP – Year 2016 – 52,000,000 USD

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Average A320 price for one unit – US$101.0 million (2018)

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Information about Airbus A320

In 1988 the Airbus Industry consortium has launched the A320-210. In November 1988, the aircraft received a certificate and began its delivery. This modification differs from the original A320-110 by the presence in the center section of the wing of two additional fuel tanks, resulting in an increased flight range. A320-200 aircraft are equipped with more powerful engines of the CFM56 family. In 1989-1991 On one of the airplanes, special self-adhesive films with longitudinal microblocks, so-called riblets, were tested. With their help, it was possible to improve the airflow around the glider, thereby reducing harmful resistance. Such films are being tested on other aircraft of the Airbus Industry consortium, including wide-body ones.

The aircraft is equipped with the EFIS avionics digital system manufactured by the French company “TOMCOH-CSF”, consisting of six color multifunctional displays for displaying flight and navigation information, as well as data on the onboard systems and warnings about failures. All avionics comply with the ARINC 700 standard. Serially produced since 1988. By mid-1997, 882 A320 aircraft of all modifications were sold; delivered over 560.

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