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Available Airbus A318 – Year 2009 – TTAF 3291 – 29,950,000 USD

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Airbus A318 – US$77.4 million, €63 million (2018)

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Information about Airbus A318

The Airbus consortium embarked on a 318 Airbus program in April 1994. It is designed to serve routes where the frequency of shipments is quite high and passenger traffic is small.

The liner is designed for transportation of 107 passengers in the standard layout of two classes. By the way, it expands a family of rather known narrow-body airplanes “Airbus a 319, and 320 and a 321 on 124, 150 and 185 passengers accordingly.

It is planned to produce several modifications. From the base version with a maximum takeoff weight of 59 tons and a range of flight 2800 km to the aircraft weighing 68 tons and a range of 6000 km.

In comparison with A319, the fuselage a 318 is shortened to 2.39 m, the seats are wider, spacious comfortable salon. In addition to the shortened fuselage, a keel with a height of 75 cm more than the other narrow-body Airbus aircraft is installed to provide a higher level of stability on the A318.

For the first time in the practice of production of airplanes of the consortium for joining the Stringer to the fuselage hull is applied not riveting, and laser beam welding. By the way, for mastering and introduction of this new progressive technological process Erbas was awarded in 1999 the prize of the German industry for achievements in the field of science and technics. The use of laser beam welding allows to accelerate production, reduce weight and increase corrosion resistance of the structure.

The crew cabin is typical, as well as on all machines of the family A320. Wing-the newest and optimal for the aircraft of this class of construction. As a result, flight characteristics improve and fuel consumption decreases. This will reduce costs in terms of transportation per passenger by 10% compared to competitors.

The Airbus A318 is equipped with engines-either pw6000 specially designed by Pratt-Whitney for this type of aircraft, or CF m 56-5 in the company “CFM International”, which are fitted with other models of the family a 320.

As for the first aircraft A318, they are equipped with engines “Pratt-Whitney” PW-6000. By the way, in August at the factory of Erbas in Hamburg the final assembly of the first airplane a 318 has already begun.

Thanks to the unique community, all the machines of the family a 320 can pilot pilots trained in one of the types. and airlines operating a Airbus machines, reduce the cost of maintenance. Solid orders for Airbus A318 are already coming. To date, their number has reached 136.

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