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Airbus A310-304ET: US$97,450 million

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Information about Airbus A310

In mid-1975, the Airbus Industry consortium began to develop the design of the A300B10 aircraft, which was a variant of the A300B4 aircraft with a shorter fuselage. In July 1978, the consortium officially began the program of creating the aircraft, designated A310, which was offered to airlines in two versions: A310-100 with a range of 3,700 km, to which practically no one showed interest, and A310-200 with a range of 5,500 km, which became the original model.

The first flight of the prototype A310-200 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney JT9D-7R4 engines took place on April 3, 1982, and the first flight of an aircraft with General Electric CF6-80A engines was in August 1982. In March 1983, certification was completed in France and Germany, in January 1984 – in the UK, and in February 1985 – in the United States. Regular operation began in April 1983.

In the spring of 1986, some improvements were made to the design of the A310-200 aircraft, aimed at further improving fuel efficiency: small swept aerodynamic surfaces (“washers”) at the wing ends, vertical tail of carbon fiber and wheel brakes made from composite materials based on fibers carbon. On the basis of a passenger plane, a cargo-passenger version A310-200C was developed, equipped with a side cargo door and designed for carrying cargo weighing up to 40.3 tons, and a cargo plane A310-200F with a payload of 43 tons. In March 1983, the consortium began to develop version A310 -300 for long haul airlines.

The aircraft is equipped with the EFIS digital avionics complex, which consists of four multi-color display to display the necessary information about the flight of the aircraft, and a digital system for monitoring the operation of on-board systems and warning of failures ESAM. Produced in serial production in 1983-1988. A total of 85 aircraft of this modification were sold. By the end of 1996, 64 aircraft were in operation.

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