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Airbus A300
1985 (YEAR)

Airbus ACJ319
2013 (YEAR)
1180 (TTAF)

Airbus ACJ319
2009 (YEAR)
6400 (TTAF)

Airbus A340
1997 (YEAR)
46000 (TTAF)

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2002 (YEAR)
29300 (TTAF)

Airbus A340
2005 (YEAR)
43000 (TTAF)

Airbus A330-200F
2010 (YEAR)
24000 (TTAF)

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Information about Airbus A300

In 1969, France and West Germany decided to create a European Airbus together with Hawker Siddeley. Design began in September 1969, and in December 1970. the Airbus Industrie A300 was ready. As a power plant, the General Electric CF6 turbofan engine was chosen, but on production vehicles it could be replaced by another engine of the same class. Layout options passenger cabin inside the fuselage of circular section provided for the placement of from 220 to 336 passengers. Modern wing with a full set of mechanization was designed by Hawker Siddeley.

The first two aircraft received the designation A300B1, and one of them (F-WUAB) made the first flight on October 28, 1972, and the second – on February 5, 1973. They were followed by two aircraft A300B2, intended for mass production. The first four cars passed long flight tests and on March 15, 1974 received a European one, and on May 30, 1974. – American certificate. On the same day, Air France made the first flight between Paris and London. Passengers were surprised by the high comfort and low noise in the cabin.

April 6, 1978 Eastern Air Lines has ordered the first 38 A300 aircraft. It was an A300B4 version with increased fuel capacity, Kruger shield, increased take-off weight and flight range. British government in 1978 acquired 20 percent stake in this project. The main shareholders were Aerospatiale and Deutsche Airbus (37.9 percent), while the Spanish CASA had 4.2 percent of the shares. Two more companies became participants of the program: concern Dutch Fokker and Belgian organization Belairbus.

Since 1978, the A300 has been constantly developed and improved. The aircraft A300C4 was a convertible cargo and cargo version with a large cargo door on the left side. This aircraft and its passenger version were supplanted by new ones, which had additional rows of seats, a new cockpit for two pilots, and a wide range of small modifications to reduce the drag force and weight of the aircraft. The resulting aircraft A300-600 made its first flight on July 8, 1983. and became the main production machine after the last A300B4 aircraft came off the lines at the end of 1984. The aircraft was produced in versions: A300-600R with an increased take-off weight and a balancing fuel tank in the stabilizer to increase the flight range and the A300-600 Convertible – a cargo-passenger aircraft.

Airbus A300 modifications:

  • Airbus A300 +
  • Airbus A300B2/B4
  • Airbus A300-600R
Model A300B4-200
Cockpit crew Three
Main deck 281 (2-4-2 Y @ 34in)
309 (2-4-2 Y @ 31in)
max 345
Lower deck 20 LD3 + bulk
Length 53.61 m (175.9 ft)
Overall height 16.72 m (54.9 ft)
Wingspan 44.83 m (147.1 ft)
Wing area 260 m2 (2,800 sq ft)
Max cabin width 5.287 m (17.35 ft)
Fuselage diameter 5.64 m (18.5 ft)
Pressurized Volume 542 m³ / 19 140 cu ft
MTOW 165,000 kg (363,763 lb)
MLW 136,000 kg (299,829 lb)
MZFW 126,000 kg (277,782 lb)
Max Payload 37,495 kg (82,662 lb)
Maximum fuel capacity (d=0.785) 48,470 kg (106,858 lb) 
62,000 L (16,000 US gal)
Operating empty weight typical 88,505 kg (195,120 lb)
Engines CF6-50C2 or JT9D-59A
Takeoff thrust 230.15–230.5 kN (51,740–51,820 lbf)
Takeoff field length (MTOW, SL, ISA) 2,300 m (7,500 ft)
Cruise speed Mach 0.78 (450 kn; 833 km/h; 518 mph) at FL350
Range 5,375 km / 2,900 nm


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