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Average A300 price for one unit.

Airbus A300 – US$17.5M (in 1972)

Airbus A300-600F: US$105 million (in 2006)

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Information about Airbus A300

The A300B4 is a mid-range passenger aircraft developed by the Airbus Industrie consortium. The aircraft is a modification of the original version of the A300B2. The first flight of the A300B4 was made on December 26, 1974. Certified in March 1975. Regular operation began in May 1975.

On the basis of the passenger aircraft, the cargo-passenger version A300S4 and the cargo plane A300F4 were developed. Total built four aircraft. These airplanes have a cargo door of 3.58 x 2.56 m in size on the left side of the fuselage. Up to 20 cargo pallets can be transported in the aircraft cabin, and up to 20 LD3 type cargo containers can be transported in the lower cargo compartments. Aircraft can carry a paid load weighing up to 40 tons.

At the end of 1980, the Airbus Industrie consortium, based on an A300B4 aircraft, began developing an improved version of the A300-600 for medium and long-haul airlines. In 1997, the National Center for Space Research of France (CNES) received a modified A300 ZERO-G aircraft to simulate the conditions of weightlessness. The aircraft is equipped with an analog avionics complex with information output on electromechanical indicators.

Produced commercially in 1974-1984. A total of 189 airplanes of this modification were delivered (including cargo variants A300C4 and F4), by the beginning of 1996 there were 188 in operation. The total number of delivered airplanes A300V of all variants is 248.

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